These story "paintings" symbolize individual STRENGTH, BEAUTY, and CONGRATULATIONS.  A special gown is hand-made by Watercolor Photography for each unique woman using lace, ribbon, and pins!

In "Lace and Strength," each image is brushed digitally with a vintage "tintype" of specialized textures and colors.  Artwork is made to look like 1800 tintypes where an antique photo has scratches, rustic stains, and faded textures.  

Dreamy reflections of water or a window tell a story in the  "I See in the Rain" and "APPLAUSE" collections.  Modern "tins" with beautiful, whimsical colors and textures play all over the portrait.  

The process can leave you with a breathtaking, unique image that cannot be duplicated.  All final artworks are showcased on fine art watercolor papers with hand-torn edges, fine art gold or silver-leafed art boards, or museum-quality canvas.  

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